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Every business has to process the salary for their employees in a timely and accurate manner; it is considered to be a very complicated task. This is because it involves consideration of several factors such as loan advances, reimbursements, leaves along with many other dynamic HR inputs. In addition to that, it also involves proper management of different salary structures and complies with the statutory and tax regulations. In this case, one of the best options for you is to consider outsourcing payroll management.

Adequate Bookkeeping specializes in payroll services. We have years of expertise in delivering quality service to our clients. With the help of our best payroll solutions, businesses of any size can reduce costs, save time, and eliminate any sort of liabilities. We provide smooth online payroll solutions to our clients along with their compliance and statutory needs.

Our Complete Payroll Solutions

  • Payroll Processing

    Based on the specific inputs we receive from your end, we efficiently maintain monthly payroll processing along with mastering the integral data.

  • Output Reports

    We also provide you with different output reports based on the requirements of the management and employees.

  • Investment Proof Collection Activities

    Our main goal is to perform certain activities that are specifically required for collection as well as inspection of investment proof at each year's end.

  • Registration of Your Company

    We are also involved in interacting with the authorities with reference to your company registration matters, labor welfare, income tax, ESIC, provident fund, professional tax.

  • Statutory Returns

    Our experts always focus on the preparation and submission of all statutory returns with the government authorities according to the requirements.

  • Finance Reporting Management

    Adequate Bookkeeping also takes care of proper management of financial reporting, balances, usage, accrual calculations along with the approval of the employee leaves.

  • Reimbursement Management

    We have a lot of experience in managing reimbursement against expenses such as balance computation, reporting, an inspection of documents, approval, and also claim submissions.

  • Employee Self Service or ESS

    As a part of the ESS, we are inclined towards providing online technology for employees so that they can view salary slips, decide FBP, submit IT declarations, and resolve their doubts.


Benefits of Opting for Our Online Payroll Services

We have years of experience in the payroll processing of several small and large businesses. We have our primary focus on processing a substantial number of payroll records monthly without any errors. In this way, more than 99% accuracy in payroll processing is provided by us. Also, our highly qualified team of Chartered Accountants exclusively focuses on the payroll, so you can be assured of quality services.

We ensure complete authenticity by meeting the required statutory requirements, providing transparent employee communications, and performing meticulous calculations of payrolls.

Payroll Management

Why Choose Our Specialists/Experts As Your Payroll Service Provider?

  • Our expert team always ensures consistency and reliability while delivering quality services.
  • We create a lot of opportunities for the reduction of operating costs.
  • You will always be ensured of proper handling of all the legislative requirements from our end.
  • Choosing us for payroll management services will eliminate any need of investing in expensive IT and software installation from your side. So, you save huge costs.
  • We keep on improving on the integral processes, so you get up-to-date and the latest solutions.
  • Timely, accurate, and flexible delivery is our promise.
  • When you consider us for the management of your payroll services, you would save your time and can invest it in core business activities.

What Software We Mainly Use For the Payroll Management?

We always use software that is preferred by our clients; we provide them with flexibility in this matter. Some of the third-party web browsing tools suggested and used by us are Paychex, PayCycle, QuickBooks, Zoho Books, and SAGE.

Our main focus is to save your time with our best payroll outsourcing services. Some of the important features of our services are:

  • Processing reimbursements, monthly salaries, and arrears
  • Adherence to payroll compliance
  • Flexi benefits management
  • Statutory compliance
  • End-of-year process
  • Quarterly returns filing
  • Query management

We are all in one solution for all your needs, contact us today and avail the best Payroll management services from Adequate Bookkeeping.


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