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A lot of times, it becomes difficult for new businesses to catch up with the bookkeeping process as it can be a lengthy and time-consuming task. Keeping the books updated does not always rank as the top priority, but in the long run, it is very crucial. We at Adequate Bookkeeping focus on helping small businesses to speed this process by maintaining the clean-up or catch-up of their bookkeeping work.

At Adequate Bookkeeping, we provide the best services that help your business to clean up the accounting books and keep them updated. We serve all verticals of businesses globally with our bookkeeping, taxation, and accounting services. As virtual accountants, we make use of secured systems for transferring important documents, online meeting software, and online support tools to serve our clients. Some of our major focus areas are law firms, e-commerce businesses, childcare facilities, creative agencies, and businesses.

Our Bookkeeping Clean Up and Catch Up Solutions

  • Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

    We are involved in doing coding and reconciliation of all credit card and bank accounts for the periods you request.

  • Tax Preparation

    At Adequate Bookkeeping, we tend to provide an informed quote for filing fees and tax preparation.

  • QuickBooks

    Our experts provide you with recommendations regarding how you can use QuickBooks, Zoho Books, or any other third-party apps. This helps to streamline your monthly accounting processes.

  • Large Purchases Analysis

    We properly analyze the large purchases for potential depreciation deductions.

  • Business Health Analysis

    Our skilled professionals analyze the health of your business that is benchmarked against other similar companies.

  • Year-End Financial Statements

    We maintain a full set of Year-End Financial Statements, which include cash flow statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements.

Cleanup Catchup

Set-Up, Cleanup and Maintain Bookkeeping

Compliant and professional cleanup, set-up, and bookkeeping maintenance are very important. There are three general steps to achieve the same:

  • Set-up of the bookkeeping: This is an integral part of the accounting program. We ensure efficiency and accuracy in doing so to save your money, time, and anxiety.
  • Cleanup bookkeeping: Setting up the bookkeeping is not enough as there will be the requirement of the cleanup too.
  • Maintain bookkeeping regularly: It ensures that bookkeeping stays on track and remains compliant with the governmental rules and regulations.
Cleanup Catchup Services

What is Included in Our Services?

  • We tend to offer both basic and in-depth health checks.
    Depending on the outcome, we resolve all the issues that are identified in the review.
  • The entire process and the timeline rely on different factors such as the number of accounts, the extent of the cleanup, the period of catching up, the number of transactions, and a lot more.
  • Our experts also customize these important factors according to your unique situation. Finally, a proposal will be provided to your business after the completion of the file review process.

To know more about the process, get in touch with us!


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