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The accounts receivable outsourcing services of Adequate Bookkeeping enables its customers to deal with their integral functions related to finance effortlessly. It impacts the cash flow which is considered to be crucial for maintaining a vibrant and strong business. We facilitate both improved cash flow and quicker payments with the help of our accounts receivable specialist within the deadlines.

This enables our customers to increase the control of their accounts receivable activities; our analysts perform extensive reporting on account activities, a constant follow-up on the outstanding invoices, and a lot more. Our extensive range of accounts receivable services is very affordable yet high in standards, too.

Our Affordable Account Receivable Solutions

  • AR Aging Report Creation Services

    We are involved in providing reliable and accurate AR or accounts receivable aging reports to our customers which aids them in better handling their customer payments. Our AR aging solutions allow you to specifically deal with the aging of the accounts receivable in your business. These particular services also include accepting online payments from your customers, sending automatic reminders, and offering early discounts to the customers who pay early.

  • Real Estate Accounts Receivable

    For a real estate company, managing the accounts receivable can be a time taking task. In this regard, we tend to maintain an efficient accounts receivable process which will again ensure faster collection of the payments along with ensuring smooth cash flow. Our main focus is to ease the problems faced by real estate firms by ensuring improved collection rates, faster payment recovery, and quicker processing of invoices.

  • Accounts Receivable Factoring Services

    Accounts receivable factoring is also known as receivable funding. Specifically, this business funding allows an organization to sell its outstanding receivables to a factoring company against a specific capital. We are a leading provider of accounts receivable factoring services certainly through our support functions. Our team can perform cash receipt collections, payment collections, data entry of the invoices, etc. for your smooth functioning.

  • Alerting You About Differences

    We work hard to alert or escalate you about the differences found at the time of reconciling your specific records or accounts statements so that you can resolve the matter in no time.

  • Creation of Invoices

    We are involved in the creation of invoices for your business needs based on documentary evidence like sales order copies along with product or service delivery confirmations.

  • Preparation of Statements

    Our expert team is involved in the preparation of important statements using proper analysis of project codes or programs and total cost per line item.

  • Preparation of Accounts Receivable Reports

    We have been involved in the efficient preparation of accounts receivable reports with a faster turnaround time. This process is based on the analysis of accounts receivable from customers, various business segments, time-factor, etc.

  • Electronic Invoices Maintenance

    One of our integral services involves proper maintenance of the electronic invoices by uploading them to your system. This process is conducted by electronic transmission and helps in fastening the process.

  • Updating of Accounts Receivable

    Apart from reconciling the bank account credits, our main focus is to efficiently update the accounts receivable for collection.

  • Preparation of Cash Flow Summary

    By making use of invoices, we prepare an up-to-date summary of the cash flow for the past and future years.

Account Receivable

Accounting Software Used by Us

We always ensure to provide you with the best value for your investments. In accounts receivable solution, we are considered to be the industry leader due to our functional specialization, project management expertise, and our years of experience. Not only that, we always follow the industry best practices and have expertise in the maintenance of robust automated processes. This helps us to provide leading-edge Accounts Receivable Services.

Our talented and skilled managers are proficient at using the stated finance and accounting software (M.Y.O.B, MultiLedger, CheckMark, Sage, QuickBooks, Zoho Books) for accounts receivable.

We are involved in the strategic integration of the stated software with the major financial systems like Lawson, PeopleSoft, Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP.

Account Receivable Services

Why Consider Us for Accounts Receivable Management Services?

With the help of our efficient accounts receivable management services, several benefits can be availed by our clients such as: minimized operating cost, complete elimination of the unapplied credits, decrease in bad debt, increased cash flow as well as recoveries, minimized delinquencies, improved flexibility, and speed, consolidated mail, print along with electronic delivery of the documentation related to the accounts receivable, a virtual extension of the credit department of customers, it also ensures easy retrieval of the integral data and documents 24/7 specifically through a common web browser, documentation is also required in case of universal repository for almost all the customer service, a highly experienced collection team always ensures an increase in the salvaged revenues primarily from primary charge offs, improved customer loyalty through a problem-solving approach and quality assurance processes. the deductions management services provided by our end help in improving productivity which streamlines your receivables much efficiently.

Contact us now to take advantage of our best accounts receivable services and advance your business.


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