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Education is considered to be the most vibrant industry that contributes to educating the youth along with spreading their wings of knowledge. Not only education but many different aspects are closely associated with this industry. These aspects help in the determination of its long-term survival and maintaining the profits, making it very crucial to manage the finances along with the accounting parts in an efficient manner.

We, at Adequate Bookkeeping, are involved in dealing with and handling our clients catering to diverse industries. Among these, the education industry is one of our integral niches.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Academies And Schools

  • Bookkeeping

    We are involved in providing the best bookkeeping services to the educational sector by systematic recording as well as the organization of the financial transactions in schools and academies.

  • Risk Assessment

    At Adequate Bookkeeping, always make use of the industry-leading risk assessment models which help in the proper identification, evaluation, and assessment of potential risk factors in the case of educational institutes.

  • VAT Registration and Administration

    Our experts contribute to reducing your burden by providing the best VAT (Value Added Tax) and GST (Good and Service Tax) compliance services. This helps in the reduction of complexity along with the administrative headache.

  • Management Accounts

    We always provide the best management accounting services by proper analysis of the business and operational costs. This is possible through the preparation of the internal financial report, accounts management, and record-keeping resulting in the achievement of business goals.

  • Payroll Assistance

    Our payroll management services take care of all your unique needs. Along with that, we also offer necessary assistance for your needs related to your business.

  • Cash Flow Projection

    We accurately record all the cash inflows and outflows; our services include taxes, payments, revenues, and personal money along with recording monthly costs.

  • Attending Board of Governors Meetings

    We work with chain academies, standalone academies, and newly converted academies by attending Board of Governors meetings.

  • Teachers’ Pension Administration

    One of our main services in the case of the educational industry is to properly administer the pension of the teachers in line with the Government rules and provisions.

Accounting for Education Industry

Importance of Accounting in Educational Institution

At Adequate Bookkeeping, we possess a lot of experience in how the educational industry works. We also understand the important role that is played by accounting in the case of the education sector; there are also different levels of factors that relate to it. The identification of these factors is considered to be an integral accounting aspect of the education industry.

We provide our clients with a complete package that includes proper maintenance of the payables, registration of students after enrolment, the marginal cost of new students, and cost per student.

In this way, we provide proper management of all aspects related to business to our clients. Our main focus is to provide quality services and help them focus more on their core business tasks, after all, they shape the youth!

Accounting Services for Education Industry

Why Our Education Accounting Services Are Ideal For You?

If you have recently converted to an academy or if you are planning to do so, then, it becomes very important for your staff to have a proper understanding of financial responsibility, which can be tough and that’s why we are here. Our main focus is to provide our clients with the best service utilizing free consultation for the schools whenever they consider switching from the academy status.

We also help you to decide whether you are taking the correct course of action for gaining the academy status. Whenever you consider opting for this status, you need to comply with the correct EFA procedures. You must comply with the different financial regulatory requirements as well. We possess expertise in this domain that can aid you for sure.

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