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What Happens If My Stimulus Check Goes to a Closed Account: Here’s Everything You Should Know

Are you concerned about what happens if my stimulus check goes to a closed account?

Millions of suitable and eligible Americans are receiving stimulus checks from the government, which means you can receive up to $1,400.

Your household income determines your stimulus payment amount and the people dependent on you listed as per your tax forms.

This is because what happens with the money depends on which bank account the IRS has on record for you.

Taxpayers who requested an automatic direct deposit of their stimulus checks will receive their money in the bank account they specified.


What to do When Stimulus Check Sent to Closed Account?

If a stimulus payment is made to a closed account, the bank will refuse the funds.

Also, if IRS attempted to transfer your payment to a now-closed bank account or a temporary prepaid debit card set up for you by a tax preparer, your check may bounce.

You will get a check from the IRS if your payment was returned because of an error by the agency.

Another (third) batch of stimulus payments was included in the recently authorised $1.9 trillion Biden COVID Relief Package (American Rescue Plan, ARP).

Couples will receive $2800, single individuals will receive $1400, and each qualified dependent will receive $1400.

Stimulus Payment Deposited into Unknown Account?

If your stimulus payment is stolen, lost, or destroyed, you can request to trace the payment from the IRS to see whether your check was redeemed or your direct deposit was misdirected.

If all goes well, you’ll receive a new pay out in the end.

You must first wait a set amount of time before beginning the process, and it will take some time.

As a result, you will not receive your stimulus funds straight soon. Second, you must follow a long set of procedures, as with any government request.

Who Can Request a Payment Trace?

Tracking the progress of your third stimulus check can be done utilising an IRS “Get My Payment” tool.

If you’re qualified for a stimulus payment, you may use this online tool to find out when and how you’ll receive your money (a paper check or a direct deposit, for example).

If the “Get My Payment” feature shows a payment was made to you and you haven’t received it, you may request a payment trace to track your stimulus payment.

Don’t ask for one to see if you’re eligible for a payment or to double-check the amount you should have gotten.

Stimulus Check Sent to Wrong Account?

Suppose your IRS account is still operational, but you don’t want to use it because you owe fees or because you can’t remember your password, in this case, if the IRS has already started processing your stimulus payment, there isn’t much you can do.

If you’re unable to receive the stimulus payment because you don’t have access to your bank account, you should call the bank to acquire your password and get the money.

How to Change Bank Account for Stimulus Check?

You’ll have to wait if the IRS mailed you a payment that was returned to the agency.

The “Need More Information” message will display in the Get My Money tool, although it may not appear for two to three weeks after the payment has been refunded.

You can now enter the routing and account numbers for your bank account, prepaid debit card, or any other financial instrument that includes a routing and account number.

You can only make changes to your banking details at that time.

What Causes the Payment Status to be ‘Not Available’?

According to the IRS, the Get My Payment feature will display a “Payment Status Not Available” message.

This message will remain until payment is scheduled to be delivered.

This warning does not imply that you are ineligible or will not get paid; you will most likely have to wait.

If you don’t have a check, you’ll need to look up your routing and account number online.

You may get your bank’s routing number on their website, and it identifies the branch where you established an account.

You can generally find your account number by logging into your online banking account or phoning your bank branch.

You may be able to have your refund credited to a prepaid debit card if you have one.

Account and routing numbers are available on many reloadable prepaid cards, which you can disclose to the IRS.

To guarantee that your card may be used, contact the financial institution and receive the routing number and account number, which may differ from the card number.

What to Do if There’s a Direct Deposit issue?

This month’s third stimulus check cannot add direct deposit information unless there are delivery issues.

So, what do you do if you have a problem?

It is possible that the IRS returned your check because it tried to send it to a bank account that has since been closed or to a momentary prepaid debit card.

You will get a check from the IRS if your money has been returned to the agency.

If the check is returned, the IRS will allow you to use the Get My Payment service to submit your banking information.


Final Words

So, this was all about what happens if your Stimulus check goes to a closed account.

Don’t worry if your check has been sent to a closed account as that money will get your way with the help of this article.