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Intuit QuickBooks Ceasing it’s Indian Operations Making Customers Migrate to Zoho Books

All Indian Intuit QuickBooks users are migrating to Zoho Books and here is why you should too.

After the sudden announcement of QuickBooks’ discontinuing operations in India, many QuickBooks users are left with panic, frustration, and helplessness. However, there is a silver lining in this situation too.

Zoho Books have lent a hand to Indian customers, calling for a QuickBooks to Zoho Books migration and integration for safe and efficient management of all business accounting records. Moving your data to Zoho Books is easy, quick, and effort-free, especially because of the comprehensive, all-around services it provides along with its associates and partners.

If you are a QuickBooks user, this guide will straighten out why you should opt for Zoho Book services and give all the necessary insights you need for QuickBooks to Zoho Books migration process.

Note:  QuickBooks has extended the access date for Indian customers till 30th April 2023.

Key Reasons to Migrate To Zoho Books

Since QuickBooks is ceasing all its operations in India, Zoho Books is the next best (and cheaper) alternative for all your accounting needs. Even better, Zoho Books has various additional benefits over QuickBooks and other accounting software.

Let’s look at them in detail:

Competitive Costing

The first thing you will notice after shifting to Zoho Books from QuickBooks is that you save efficiently more funds. Small businesses run and survive on finance; you will always want to save those extra bucks for the future.

Guess what? Zoho Books understands this better than no one. With Zoho’s competitive costing, it doesn’t matter how big your company is or how many members are utilizing Zoho Books services, it will be a cost-efficient choice for your company.

Tip: The key benefit of Zoho Books has to be the no-charge product updates.

Added Security

Your Accounting details are highly sensitive data that need all-around protection against leaks, privacy breaches, and other data threats. Zoho Books maintain a strict privacy policy and security system to keep all your data safe and secure.

Not only does the powerful logging and monitoring system at Zoho Books blocks all unclean and insecure traffic, but also every feature goes through guidelines, code analyzers, scanners, and manual review processes to ensure the safety of your data.

Tip: Check out the Zoho Books page on Safety and security standards.

Integrated Business Platform

One of the biggest advantages you can receive after your transfer from QuickBooks to Zoho Books is the additional gateway to 40+ professional apps. Manage your business on a plethora of apps from Zoho itself.

More Flexibility

Since Zoho utilizes Cloud-based software, it can provide more flexibility to businesses compared to on-premise software. In addition to this, all Zoho Books customers can do not have to schedule and install updates to their accounting system.

Improved Customer Services

Zoho Books have its name engraved for free, reliable and robust customer services with an extended network of partners. Once you shift to Zoho Books, you avail of consultant services to customize, organize and filter your reports anytime via calls, chats, or emails. The consulting services also extend over special webinars, chatbots, FAQs, discussion boards, and meetings.

Extra Features

Moving from QuickBooks to Zoho Books will open up a treasure trove of additional features and services like:

  • Client Portal
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Approval
  • Purchase Approval
  • More Invoice Templates
  • Supports 13 languages

QuickBooks to Zoho Books Data Transfer: Must-Know

Moving your data from QuickBooks to Zoho Books can be tricky and confusing. You have to be certain of many things, like:

  • All the prerequisites before you begin importing data to Zoho Books.
  • Deciding whether to import data for the current financial year or all historical data,
  • Selecting the right section to import (Chart of Accounts module, Item module, Purchase and sales module, etc.).

In addition to all this, you have to be very particular about all steps involved in exporting your accounting data from QuickBooks to Zoho Books. If not, the migration to Zoho Books can become a tedious job.

The section below breaks down the complex process into the following modules such that you can transfer all your QuickBooks records to Zoho Books smoothly:

  1. Move records to Zoho Books: Current financial year
  2. Transfer historical data from QuickBooks
  3. Import Chart of Accounts
  4. Shift Customers and Vendors details
  5. Relocate Items to Zoho Books
  6. Add your Opening Balance
  7. Shift Bank Accounts from QuickBooks
  8. Move Sales and Purchase module to Zoho Books
  9. Sync Transactions

Tracking every step can feel like walking on a tightrope, this is even harder when you are alien to the environment of these accounting software.

Hence opting for online accounting services is a better way out. This will, in turn, save you precious time and resources. Adequate Bookkeeping Services is one such authentic, premium Zoho Books partner that can help you efficiently migrate your QuickBooks records to Zoho Books.

Why Consider Adequate Bookkeeping Services?

Adequate Bookkeeping Services comes with a diverse team of accounting and business experts who have sold Zoho Books to 100+ businesses in India. It has performed more than 150+ data migrations operations to Zoho Books for QuickBooks users.

Adequate Bookkeeping Services hold a strong and smooth grip over the following services –

  • Migration Services
  • Zoho Books setup and training
  • Virtual Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • GST, TDS Filing& Returns
  • Year-end Tax Return
  • ROC compliance
  • Tax and Statutory Audits