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How to Apply Vendor Credit in QuickBooks Online?

How to Apply Vendor Credit in QuickBooks Online

This article will walk you through steps to apply vendor credit in QuickBooks online. Vendor credit occurs when a vendor fails to pay money for the services/ goods you provided to him. In easy words, vendor credits equals to the amount that particular vendor has to pay you in near future. QuickBooks accounting software helps…

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What does Reconciling an Account Involve?

What does Reconciling an Account Involve

In this post, we are going to discuss what does reconciling an account involve. Reconciliation is an accounting process in which two sets of records are compared to ensure that the results are correct and consistent. Reconciliation also guarantees that the general ledger accounts are correct, consistent, and complete. Nevertheless, in contrast to business, reconciliation can…

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How to Write Off Bad Debt in Quickbooks?

How to Write Off Bad Debt in Quickbooks

This tutorial will show you how to write off bad debt in QuickBooks. Bad debt occurs when a customer owes you money, and you cannot collect it. They owe you money, but you are sure that you’re not getting paid. If your company employs the accrual method of accounting, you may be able to deduct bad…

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QuickBooks to Zoho Books Migration and Integration

Quickbooks to Zoho Books Migration

Since the announcement of Intuit QuickBooks India ceasing its operations from January 31st, 2023, many companies are migrating from QuickBooks to Zoho Books, and if you’re one of them, this article will provide you with much-needed insight into the process. As data management is the most essential thing right now, thriving and succeeding in the…

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Which Asset Cannot be Depreciated?

Which Asset Cannot be Depreciated

In this article, we will discuss which asset cannot be depreciated. Depreciable and non-depreciable assets are two distinct types that must be understood to accurately evaluate a company’s earnings and assets. What is Depreciation Exactly? Depreciation is a non-cash business expense that is computed and allocated throughout the asset’s useful life. Depreciation allows any business to…

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How to Use Qbox with Quickbooks: Complete Tutorial

Qbox Quickbooks

This definitive guide will be focused on how to use Qbox with Quickbooks. What Exactly is Qbox? Qbox is a cloud-based collaboration tool for Windows PCs that allows users to upload data over the Internet. Qbox establishes ‘Sync folders’ on the profile owner’s and shared users’ Windows PCs during installation. Files copied into sync folders…

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How to Reconcile in Quickbooks Online?

How to Reconcile in Quickbooks Online

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to reconcile in QuickBooks online. The accounting procedure of reconciliation guarantees that two different financial records are accurately matched. It’s critical to reconcile your business bank accounts on a monthly basis and double-check that everything is in order. Why is Reconciliation Important? When you enter and compare data in QuickBooks…

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Which Type of Account Typically has Low Liquidity?

Which Type of Account Typically has Low Liquidity

Here, we will explain which type of account has low liquidity and also let you know either you should invest in such low liquidity account or not. In finance, liquidity refers to the speed with which any asset can be converted into physical money. Stocks, bonds, and marketable securities, for example, are liquid assets because…

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